Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Being unemployed during the period of intense economic crisis is basically one of the most difficult situations to endure and resolve. The recovery process is entirely dependent on the state of the economy of a country, and on the political resolution that leaders are waving on the face of the crisis.

The US is among the developed countries that experienced hard blows when Wall Street and Lehman Brothers collapsed. With this, the US government branching on the 50 federal states around the country opened a new opportunity for people to rebuild and recover from the state of economic crisis that they are in by allowing them to sign in to unemployment insurance and benefits. This will allow the unemployed to have economic confidence while they are looking for a new job.

For questions concerning how to calculate the rate or amount of monetary payment they receive from the state, they can check on the Ministry of Labour website of their specific state.

The Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance benefits program provides temporary financial assistance to workers in Massachusetts that meet the criteria defined by the state. Money for the program comes from a special fund of the state. The fund is financed by employers who pay a specific tax for the sole purpose of financing the insurance program.

In general, weekly individual benefit is approximately 50% of average weekly earnings of a person up to the state set maximum. To obtain this benefit, the applicant must meet specific eligibility requirements. In general, you must be a US citizen or legally authorized to work in the US, be unemployed through no fault of your own (usually layoffs), and while on unemployment benefits, you must also be at the actively seeking employment and be prepared to accept work in your own occupation. Since the money for the fund comes from employers, you must have worked enough to have enough income to qualify for the benefit.

Note also that the benefits are temporary, though there have been several extensions of benefits in the news recently. Please consult the Massachusetts unemployment insurance website for the most current information.

Furthermore, any income you receive while on unemployment insurance (ie. Pay, workers’ compensation, pension, part-time work) will probably be reported. Also note that unemployment benefits are probably considered taxable income under both a state of federal law (consult your tax professional if you have questions).

The program is most easily accessible online through the Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance benefits website. The site has a comprehensive online manual that is likely to meet all the person’s detailed questions. There is also a telephone support if you cannot find what you are looking for or have questions. Overall, the site is relatively easy to use and keep current. It is also available in several different languages.

The site has an online application system that has regular hours on weekdays where you can apply for Massachusetts unemployment insurance online. Applicants can set up an online account and can also configure to receive payments from unemployment insurance benefits filed electronically.